Early Beginnings Child Care & Learning Center - Daycare

A program that centers around your child

Each program we offer is designed for your child's age group. This way we can focus on what is most important, your child's learning and development.

Infant Program - Beginning at 6 weeks:

The first 12 months may be the most dynamic period of life.  Dramatic changes are taking place in all areas of growth and development.  Our infant room environment is designed to meet these areas of development and our teachers are trained to promote the babies social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language through different activities and interactions.  Infant teachers spend a lot of time with the babies nurturing, cuddling, talking, singing and reading stories.  We know how much babies like to move and explore and because of this, swings and play seats are not used in our infant rooms.  Our infant teachers build a bond of trust with you and your baby creating an environment where your baby will flourish and grow.

Mobile Infant Program - Beginning at 12 months:

Exploration takes the center stage as infants become more mobile.  Often curious and on the move, the mobile infant seems to get into "everything" becoming more adventurous in a quest to learn more about the world around them. Our teachers provide trustworthy support and care to our mobile infants through a warm and cozy environment where they can develop confidence and competence.

Toddler Program - Beginning at 18 months:

The toddler's world is filled with exploration, questioning, discovery and determination to find meaning in events, objects and words. They are interested in their surroundings and the people in it.  Toddlers are concerned about who they are and who is in charge.  Our environment is designed to offer toddlers chances to be in control and to participate in group play, fantasy play and independent activities with guidance from their teacher. They are full of energy and very active.  Our teachers encourage language development by answering all those questions of why and how.   Toddlers practice self-help skills by washing their hands throughout the day, picking up toys, taking turns and sharing with their friends.  All of this is designed to help the toddler's development of a strong sense of self.

Young Preschool - 2 and 3 years of age:

As you watch a young preschooler move, talk, play, and work you are amazed at how much they have learned and accomplished in such a short time.  Trust, independence, and initiative are just a few traits that preschoolers experience.  Teachers guide children and encourage them to progress at their own pace according to their individual needs and abilities.

Preschool - 4 years of age and Pre-Kindergarten:

Our before and after School Age Program provides a learning experience that keeps your child interested with fun and stimulating activities even after school.  Our experienced teachers provide a nurturing and supportive environment for your child every day.  To ensure your child has a day with both learning and fun, our teachers allow each child to select his or her own area of interest.  Your child can choose to work in a small group or on their own.  A familiar setting combined with familiar faces of friends and teachers creates a comfortable environment for your child.

Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to encourage children to explore and be challenged to learn.  A preschooler's day provides them with opportunities to experience language and literacy, math skills, social skills, creativity and imagination and physical development.  Our learning centers encourage self-reliance and provide opportunities for children to develop self confidence.  Children begin to learn how to make decisions on their own by navigating from center to center.   Within our Pre-K Program, our ultimate goal is to prepare your child to successfully enter Kindergarten.  This is achieved by following the Ohio Content Standards provided by the Ohio Department of Education.  Children will be eager and ready to learn when they begin their Kindergarten experience.

School-age Program:

Summer Camp:

All school-age children want to have fun during their summer break.  Our program gives them just that opportunity.  Daily field trips and activities under the supervision of teachers who are trained to provide an environment that is safe and educational.  Everyday your child will have fun while learning.